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The GISLab Spatial Data Warehouse is a repository that stores spatial data (data that are referenced by geographic coordinates), metadata (information about the data source, date, owner, accuracy, resolution, projection, etc.), and maps (graphical representations of spatial data).

Spatial data are organized heirarchically by domains (spatial areas) and thematic categories (types of features).  The various domains and thematic categories provide a robust and logical storage heirarchy that allows one to locate and manipulate data efficiently.

  • Map Gallery  - map graphics & metadata

The Metadata Catalog contains ONLY metadata, not the actual spatial data, and is a means to find more information about specific datasets.  The Map Gallery contains a number of maps in GIF or Adobe Acrobat .pdf format.  The Cerro Grande Fire data includes maps produced by the Burned Area Emergency Rehabilitation (BAER) Team during and after the May 2000 Cerro Grande wildfire, as well as subsequent LANL studies.

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