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LSR - Laboratory and Surrounding Region
This domain encompasses the boundary of Los Alamos National Laboratory and some of the surrounding region,  including the Valle Grande National Preserve.  The LSR domain is defined as a rectangular area with bounding New Mexico State Plane (NAD 83, feet) coordinates of xmin: 1,521,135 xmax: 1,668,072 and ymin: 1,717,140 ymax: 1,828,795 respectively.  All spatial data that falls within this domain is categorized and labeled as such.  It is possible that some of the spatial data for a particular spatial data set may be located outside of this domain.  If the majority of the feature is located within the domain it is categorized as being within the domain.

NM - The State of New Mexico
This domain is defined by the New Mexico state boundary.

SWR - Southwest Region
This domain is defined by the addition of New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, and Arizona state boundaries to form one unique regional boundary.  The intent of this domain is to categorize spatial data whose location may cross state boundaries, i.e., a lake whose boundary crosses multiple states.

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