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The GISLab staff consists of a team of highly skilled, multi-disciplinary scientists and professionals who are knowledgeable in GIS technology, environmental and life sciences, geology, modeling, information science, project management, and emergency planning. See our team roles.

GISLab Core Team

Mary K. Greene, computer technician, remote sensing/image processing technician, digital cartography
mgreene@lanl.gov, 505-667-2269

Gordon N. Keating, technical staff member, geologist
gkea@lanl.gov, 505-667-5902

Rick E. Kelley, computer technician, cartographer and GIS analyst
rekelley@lanl.gov, 505-665-0757

Thomas J. Mc Tighe, GISP, computer technician, GIS Specialist
mctighe@lanl.gov, 505-665-2369

Richard S. Middleton, post-doc
rsm@lanl.gov, 505-665-7259

Donatella Pasqualini, technical staff member
dondy@lanl.gov, 505-667-0701

Doug Walther, GISP, computer technician, cartographer and GIS analyst
walther@lanl.gov, 505-667-8987

Amanda B. White, post-doc
abwhite@lanl.gov, 505-667-6551

Marc S. Witkowski, technical staff member, GIS modeler
witk@lanl.gov, 505-665-8332


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