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General GIS Links

These links are offered as a convenience and do not imply any endorsement by LANL, the University of California, or the Department of Energy.

GIS Training

These links are a sample of GIS-related training that is available online and are not intended as a complete listing. Please let us know of other such links that might be useful.

GIS Journals

These are a sample of GIS-related journals and are not intended as a complete listing. Please let us know of other such links that might be useful.

  • ArcNews - quarterly news magazine for the ESRI user community and others interested in mapping and GIS technology. Contains material of interest to business professionals, planners, foresters, scientists, cartographers, academicians, geographers, engineers, and others who use spatial information
  • Annals of the AAG - focused on environmental sciences; methods, models, and geographic information science; nature and society; and people, place, and region
  • Cartographica - cartographic and geovisualization research, cartographic thought, history of cartography, and cartography and society
  • Cartography and Geographic Information Science - journal of the Cartography and Geographic Information Society (CaGIS). Advocates and supports activities that foster the development of new theories and technologies, and improve the production, management, and use of maps and geographic information
  • Computers & Geosciences - aspects of computing in the geosciences, such as databases, data structures, computer graphics, numerical methods, simulation models, statistical and expert system methods, image analysis, spatial analysis, etc.
  • Environmental & Planning A, B, C, & D - interdisciplinary urban and regional research concerned with the fate of cities and regions
  • Geographical Analysis - geographical theory, model building, and quantitative methods including spatial data analyses, spatial econometrics and statistics
  • Geographical & Environmental Modelling - [limited number of issues online]
  • GeoInformatica - computer science applied to geographic information systems, such as spatial modeling; spatial databases; human-computer interfaces for GIS; digital cartography; space imagery in GIS; parallelism, distribution and communication through GIS; and spatio-temporal reasoning
  • Geospatial Solutions - organizational benefits from spatial information and ways to extend those benefits across the enterprise, using traditional computing platforms as well as intranets, the Internet, mobile field technologies, wireless communications, and handheld computer appliances
  • Geoplace- applications and technology advancements in the spatial technology field, including public works/telecommunications/utility, all levels of government, emergency/public safety, environmental/natural resource/forestry management, architecture/engineering/construction, and transportation. Spatial technologies covered include GIS, GPS (global positioning systems), remote sensing, surveying, aerial photography, photogrammetry, wireless location-based services, etc.
  • International Journal for Geographical Information Science - original scholarly articles about any aspect of GIS and related areas, such as developments in computer science, cartography, surveying, geography, and engineering, as well as applications in natural resources, social systems, the built environment, etc.
  • Journal of Cartography and GIS - see CaGIS above
  • Journal of Geographic Information and Decision Analysis - theory, methods, philosophy and algorithms used in the design and development of Spatial Decision Support Systems, and their application to geographic information technologies
  • Journal of Geographical Systems - geographical information, analysis, theory, and decision-systems for regional science, geography, environmental sciences, and planning
  • Transactions in GIS - practical and theoretical issues influencing the development of GIS; collection, analysis, modelling, interpretation and display of spatial data; connections between GIS and related technologies, new GIS applications for business or natural or built environments
  • URISA Journal - a peer-reviewed publication of the Urban and Regional Information Systems Association. Includes urban and regional information science; information system applications; social, organizational, legal and economic effects on information technologies; geographic information tools, techniques and methods; technologies for multimedia, virtual environments, spatial simulation, digital libraries, human computer interaction, and web-based GIS; spatial data acquisition and integration; geography, cartography, cognitive science, and computer science; education techniques

GIS Tools

These are a sample of GIS-related tools.

  • ESRI Developer Network - an exhaustive body of information that is culled from the ESRI development teams, white paper releases and the user community through guides, diagrams, knowledge bases and threaded user lists.
  • Arcscripts - a piece of the ESRI Support Center, this is a keyword-searchable archive of all user created or license-free software extensions, scripts and code-snippets for the ESRI GIS suite of software.

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