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GISLab has established a spatial data warehouse to provide for access to spatial data at LANL. The GISLab spatial data policy specifies provisions for both data providers and data users. Data providers and users must agree to abide by the provisions of the GISLab Data Policy by signing the GISLab Data Agreement. Please download, sign, and submit the form to GISLab when making spatial data available or when requesting access to spatial data.

Data Acceptance
As shown in the GISLab Information Management Plan, spatial data submitted for inclusion in the GISLab spatial data warehouse are first checked by our staff for proper data format and metadata completeness. Upon verifying that the data meet GISLab standards for acceptance, we place the data and the metadata in the spatial data warehouse in a timely manner. We can offer guidance in the preparation of data and metadata for submission, but GISLab is not responsible for the actual preparation, except in cases where an explicit written agreement provides for these services. GISLab will maintain the spatial warehouse in a manner that ensures 1) that spatial data and metadata are available to authenticated users via the internal LANL network, 2) that all data are backed up on a regular basis, and 3) that limited-access data are available only to data users approved by the appropriate data provider. Metadata for both open and limited-access data will be openly available.

Data providers are required to submit metadata along with each submission of spatial data to the GISLab, as specified in GISLab Metadata Requirements (also obtained by e-mail inquiry to gislab@lanl.gov). Metadata provide a standardized description of the nature, source, and characteristics of data, and are essential for determining whether the data are appropriate for a particular use. Metadata that are compliant with Federal Geographic Data Committee (FGDC) standards are required of all U.S. government agencies.

Data Format
Data providers are required to deliver digital spatial data to GISLab using a standard GIS format, compatible with Environmental System Research Institute (ESRI) formats. This ensures compatibility with GIS software used in GISLab and throughout LANL.

Data Quality
For spatial data that they submit to GISLab, data providers should specify data quality in the metadata, and deliver, when available, spatial data quality and completeness reports, QA/QC and data collection methods, and other reports relevant to the data (if not already part of the metadata).

Data Access
Data providers will specify whether data can be released to internal versus external (non-LANL) users. Internal data users are LANL employees and contractors; external data users are non-LANL employees and contractors. In cases where data providers require that data access be limited, data providers must provide an access policy that specifies a process for obtaining access permission.

Data Use
Please see the GISLab Data Agreement for details of the policy and rules for access and use of data in the GISLab spatial data warehouse. The policy applies both to internal users and to external users who have received written permission to use particular data.

Data Updates
Data providers agree that the metadata and data provided to GISLab are the official versions. Timely updates to these data and associated metadata should be submitted by the data provider. Data users agree to submit back to the data provider any changes they make to spatial data received from the GISLab data warehouse, along with any updates to metadata. GISLab is available to facilitate the process.

Data stored in the GISLab spatial data warehouse come from many sources and have varying characteristics, noted in the associated metadata. GISLab cannot guarantee the accuracy, completeness nor suitability for particular uses of these many datasets. Data users therefore agree not to hold GISLab, LANL, or the University of California liable or at fault for the accuracy, correctness, or completeness of data stored in or served from the GISLab spatial data warehouse.

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