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Recharge Rates for GISLab:

  • Standard rate: $104.99 / hr (FY05)
  • Rush rate: $141.74 / hr (FY05) - For requests due in less than 10 days that postpone other work.

Note: Above rates do not include associated Lab G&A and customer's Division/Group overhead costs. Rates do include basic supplies and partial costs of infrastructure maintenance, and training. We cover the balance of costs, such as server and license maintenance and capital improvements, by proportional cost-sharing with customers and EES division/group overhead.

Project Rates:

Long-term project work involves direct charges to project budgets rather than use of the Recharge System. In addition to labor and associated Lab/Division/Group burden rates, costs include the following GISLab overhead rates:

  • Materials and Supplies (M&S) - The minimum M&S rate is 10% of personnel labor costs. M&S is used to cover necessary GISLab operating expenses not included in division, group, and infrastructure taxes, such as equipment costs, software maintenance fees, office and computer supplies, presentation and publication expenses, and computer use fees.

  • Training/Travel - The minimum training/travel rate is $4K per FTE (0.25 FTE time, for example, should have a minimum of $1K budgeted for this purpose). The training/travel funds are used to help cover annual expenses for training and staff participation in professional meetings.

(rev. 21 Apr 04)

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