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  The Geographic Information System Laboratory (GISLab) is funded through internal and external grants and contracts. This document provides the policy concerning grants and contracts for GISLab projects.

Project Approval

  • All GISLab projects involving grants and contracts must be approved by the GISLab Team Leader before the project can start.

Principal Investigator Status

  • A principal investigator (PI) or co-principal investigator (Co-PI) must be designated for each project run through GISLab.
  • Typically, the GISLab Team Leader serves as PI for institutional projects, and GISLab technical staff members (TSMs) or Tec-7 personnel serve as PI or Co-PI for projects they initiate and lead.
  • The project PI or Co-PI assumes the role of administrative lead, taking primary responsibility for project oversight and management.
  • The PI or Co-PI may also serve as technical lead, taking primary responsibility for scientific and technical aspects of the project, or may designate an appropriate GISLab team member as technical lead.
  • The PI or Co-PI must designate a point of contact (POC) for each project. The POC has primary responsibility for communication between the project sponsor and the GISLab staff.

Scope of Work

  • All GISLab projects must have a written Scope of Work that clearly describes work to be performed, customer expectations, schedule, and deliverables.
  • All work must have a sufficient budget to ensure that the work can be completed to customer satisfaction.

Budget Requirements

  • Sufficient funds must be budgeted for each project to cover all associated expenses, including use of GISLab Team technical and administrative personnel and GISLab facilities (equipment, software..).
  • The budget for each GISLab project must include 1) personnel costs, in the form of base salary and all applicable taxes (division, group, G&A…); 2) materials and services (M&S); 3) training and travel.
  • Personnel costs charged through GIS Services (the GISLab recharge) must recover salary and taxes, and must also include associated M&S and training/travel.
  • Minimum M&S and training/travel are budgeted at rates that will be specified in a document that receives group-level approval, and that is reviewed periodically.
  • Exceptions, wherein M&S and training/travel costs are reduced or waived, must be approved by the GISLab Team Leader.

Project Evaluation

  • For each GISLab project, customer feedback will be requested to enable assessment of satisfaction with our work, and ways we can improve our service, methods, and performance.
  • Typically, customer feedback will be measured using periodic questionnaires or surveys, and by compiling relevant communication with the project PI, POC, administrative lead, or technical lead.
  • Where appropriate, customer evaluation of GISLab staff performance will be sought.

Reports and Publications

  • For each GISLab project, periodic reports will be produced, detailing project accomplishments. At a minimum, project reports will be produced on an annual basis and at the end of each project.
  • Publication of relevant scientific and technical results is considered to be an integral and expected part of each GISLab project.

(rev. 21-Nov-01)

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