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Earth Systems Modeling Tools

The GISLab provides applications development and customer support at a variety of levels for GIS users. Applications developed for earth scientists span the range from minor enhancements and general assistance in developing procedures, such as developing an Avenue script for ArcView 3.2, to full-blown, robust applications, such as a rapid mapping application built on the ArcGIS and the Component Object Architecture (COM) that interfaces with ArcSDE and Oracle.

Examples of ArcView 3.2 and ArcGIS tools:

1. EES Lithologic Log Tool

The tool enables the user to create an ordered (high elevation to low elevation) lithologic log for a single point or a group of points. You can define the point set to use by interactively selecting points on a map or by using an existing map layer of points. A map layer of water table elevations can be used to limit the list of ordered lithologic units so that only the units above the water table are listed. A map layer (or layers) for infiltration rates can be used to also return the infiltration rate associated with each selected point.

Zip files: ArcView 3.2 version     ArcGIS 8.x version

2. EES Chart Tool

This tool enables the user to create a scatter plot for well and model point layers to explore and compare how attributes vary by depth. After identifying the model and point layers, the user can begin charting these layers, separately or together, using the EES Chart Tool. The model and well layers are three-dimensional representations, so that many points will be collocated at the same X-Y location. However, each point at the same X-Y location will have a different Z value (elevation or depth). The tool allows the user to chart all the points sharing an X-Y location, so that the Z value can be plotted on the vertical axis and an attribute value (say, saturation) can be plotted along the horizontal axis.

Enterprise GIS Tools

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  • MNUM

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Rapid Mapping Tools

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